How to care for your polishes!

***How to care for your polishes***

 If any of our nail lacquer including Glisten & Glow HK Girl, Stuck on Blu! and our branded colored polish becomes thick or gloppy, there is a simple fix. You can add nail polish thinner to the product.  (not seche restore, not acetone) Orly makes as great nail polish thinner as well as Sally’s Beauty Supply carries one as well. Add 5-7 drops and roll the polish between your hands for approx 2 mins, then let the polish sit for approx 5 mins and then use. Adding nail polish thinner to any polish is just adding back into the polish ingredients have evaporated when any polish is used or opened.  Do not use polishes near a heat, fan or AC source. This can cause uneven dry times and vital ingredients to evaporate. Keep the rim of the bottles clean, and store at room temperate. (away from any direct sunlight) Polishes are shipped all around the world, different temperatures and climates can affect the thickness of a polish that’s why there are simply fixes. 

(Top Coat Formula has slight variations in each batch, top coat can have a slight purple tint to it, this is the UV protection for non yellowing that varies from the manufacturer)