Diving with Mermaids


100% of the cost of this polish sold from 5/5/17- 5/12/17 will be donated to Tiffany from @stunnin.nails whom I collaborated with on this polish. And was also one of my helpers at Polish Con.
Early in the week she was involved in a horrible car accident that required her to be airlifted to the hospital about 1.5 hours from her home, where she had an emergency neck fusion of her 3 fractured vertebrae.

Diving with Mermaids


Diving with Mermaids is a oceanic blue linear holographic polish with a green shimmer and a dusting of silver and red holographic microglitters and a touch of King Triton’s gold

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*any polishes can stain your nails, please double up on base coat, test in a small area if concerned and always use nail polish remover and a cotton ball or lint free wipe in a downward motion (away from the cuticle) when removing polish*