Glis-tics Cuticle Oil (roller ball) .37 oz


Glis-tics Cuticle Oil (roller ball) .37 oz

You'll be getting ONE Glis-tics! :)

Do you love cuticle oil! Now it comes in an easy to use roller ball style! Help protect your beautiful manicure! Keep those cuticles looking healthy! Must have for nail polish vixens!

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It’s no secret that I have ridiculously dry skin, but in addition to that my cuticles are ten times as dry. Being a mom of active children my hands get pretty beat up, and I really don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to nail serums and creams. Over the past few months I have focused on testing a variety of different hand and nail products, and have found one in particular that works wonders for my cuticles and fits my on-the-go lifestyle. The product is called Glist-Tics Cuticle Oil, from Glisten & Glow. Glis-Tics are handcrafted of the finest oils, vitamin E, and fragrance.

The blue glass vials are so swank and functional, complete with roller ball for ease of application. I also love the fact that these are the perfect size for carrying in your clutch, purse, and even your pocket. As far as the formula goes the consistency of the oil just right. With one swipe of the rollerball it transfers just the right amount of product. What I love about Glist-Tics compared to other cuticle oils is that the fragrance is completely customizable by the “You”! Being a fragrance collector I love all of the possibilities and combinations of fragrances that can be purchased. Glisten and Glow carries over 95+ fragrances to choose from. When you purchase any Glisten & Glow product, the label may also be customized with your name or text that you’d like at no additional cost. Glist-Tics retail for $10.50 each for a .37 oz glass roller ball and will last you several months.

I purchased my Glist-Tics in Sangria White Peach, Viva La Juicy, Hawaiian Tropic, and Rosemary & Mint. I have also used my Viva La Juicy Glist-Tics as perfume on my wrists when I was in a pinch and it worked great. It literally smells just like the Juicy Couture fragrance! Sangria White Peach is also divine, and being from the South it smells so nostalgic to me. Hawaiian Tropic transports you directly to a tropical island with its coconut deliciousness. Rosemary Mint is fresh and is a great choice for folks looking for something a bit less fragrant.

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