Beatboxing in The Bronx

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Beatboxing in The Bronx is an olive green linear holographic polish with added pink and blue shimmers and a dusting of gold flakies and gold holo microglitters

The 5 Boroughs Collection is a New York inspired collection. It features the five boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island) and the fun activities that you can do in the boroughs or originated there. The collection will launch at Polish Con on April 29th and will available for a short run on our website ( on May 5th at 9pm est. International stockists will also have it available in mid May.

Glisten & Glow owner Jill Rehm-Craine is a Connecticut native and spent many of her summers as a child in NYC. “My father and his side of the family were from NY and most lived there! My family and I would visit every holiday and I enjoyed many summer vacations as a child with my grandparents/aunts in NYC. We enjoyed visiting all of the sights. I loved all of the sky scrapers at night and the glitzy interiors of various buildings. I love the contrast between the darker shades of the buildings and there shadows thru the street lights to the gilded wall coverings and sparkling chandeliers. Recalling my childhood memories when creating the timeless shades in this collection was rewarding.”

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