Glisten & Glow Babes & Blossoms Collection

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Glisten & Glow Babes & Blossoms - Spring 2019

Gosling & Gardenias – pastel grass green creme

Calves & Carnations – pastel light peach creme

Bunnies & Buttercups – pastel light yellow creme

Ponies & Poppies – pastel light purple creme

Glitter Crellies

Chicks & Cherry Blossoms – peach, melon, mint and baby pink white based glitter crelly

Ducklings & Daisies – grape, mint, baby pink, yellow white based glitter crelly

Lambs & Lilies – bright blue, light pink, and peach white based glitter crelly

Piglets & Petunias – turquoise, light gray, yellow, and pink white based glitter crelly

*Glitter Crellies are formulated to be layered over any of the 4 cremes in the Babes & Blossom Collection or any other of our creme polishes for an fun new look*

Formula - 1-3 coats depending on nail length
Finish- Glossy finish when dry, top with Glisten & Glow Top Coat and for the matte/velvet finish use our Glisten & Glow Matte Top Coat!

Launch date: 4/12/19 at 7 pm EDT
Collection: Babes & Blossoms