G & G HK Girl - Fast Drying + Super Shiny Top Coat


G & G HK Girl is a Super Shiny, Fast Drying Top Coat

Top 10 Reason why Glisten & Glow HK Girl is so loved!

• Intense shine - crystal clear formula that applies smoothly, leaving a glass like appearance
• Fast drying – approx 1-2 minutes often less and your nails will be dry, as time passes it will dry more within 5 minutes or so it’s rock hard!
• Durable, long lasting nature – customers boast that manicures last 5-7 days with little to no tip wear or chips.
• Holographic polishes love it! – Holos will not dull, in fact they are even intensified
• Smoothes and seals glitter polishes – 1-2 coats and glitters are tamed/smooth and without jagged edges sticking up.
• Adds extra shine to all nail lacquer – it can make a matte polish or a textured polish shiny. Cremes, jellies, crellies, shimmers, metallics etc are all left with that glossy glass like shine
• No Shrinkage! – G & G HK Girl top coat doesn’t cause any shrinkage
• Can be used with nail lacquer that is tacky or dry
• Even consistency throughout the whole bottle – no extra thickness or gloppyness
• Nail Art/Nail Stamping friendly – once nail art/stamping is nearly dry it won’t smear or smudge

This Top Coat is 2 Free! (no formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin and no toluene, this product does contain Dibutyl Phthalate) Customers have the right to chose what products they use.

Product Ingredients are: Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, polyster resin, dibutyl phthalate, Bentone, Isopropyl Alcohol, camphor, octocrylene and isopropyl.

If it gets a little thick just add a few drops of nail polish thinner and shake well!

Here's the Rave Reviews

I am taking a minute to include a picture of my all time favorite top coat, HK Girl. This is the only top coat I use. My designs never smear, no bubbles and no shrinkage. There has been a lot of talk about this top coat the past couple weeks and I felt that I needed to add my two cents! I have been using HK Girl for over a year now and I am 100% loyal to it, nothing else on the market comes close to this top coat! And I can't forget that the dry time is amazing and there is some serious shine!
I order all my HK Girl from Jill at Glisten & Glow!

This topcoat is amazing. I absolutely love it, I have found myself reaching for it non stop, when I usually reach for my Seche Vite.

It is so great over nail art, it is thick enough so you don't touch the nail polish, but it doesn't get goopy halfway through the bottle like Seche Vite. It is super shiny, dries super fast, and overall I think this is my superhero topcoat. (I just ordered another bottle!)

Last but not least is the coveted HK Girl Top Coat. A MUST HAVE for any polish lover! Throw away your Seche girls because THIS is the holy grail of top coat. Am I the only one who has 3 bottles of this? I keep one in the polish room, the kitchen and the bedroom. Haha! It dries extremely speedy, leaves your nails rock hard and gives them a gorgeous shine!

I'm so excited to have the huge bottle. Since I found this top coat I've actually thrown away all my other top coats. I also managed to convert a couple friends! Honestly I don't know how more people don't know about HK Girl. Seche would be out of business! - http://www.kimberslacquerkorner.com

Probably I was the last of my friends to try HK Girl. I had tried like 5 different brands of top coats and still my problem was the same, my mani always chip and really fast, I made my own excuses, my hands are in contact with water all the time, my nails are dry and the polish doesn't stick to the nail well, I don't wrap my tips... I gave up and just used what I already have until I decided to try HK Girl because I love Jill and poof!!! 10 days manis were born. This is so amazing I can't believe I can remove my nail polish just because I'm tired of looking at it and not because is half gone by natural causes. Ladies the true polish lover top coat exist nothing is better than HK Girl - Nelly O

Man HK Girl is BEYOND anything out there. Best stuff I have ever used. I truly will NOT go back to anything else. Seriously no joke...I can go a week before I see even a smidgen of chipping. Before it would be like a day. I can't even say now crazy glass like may nails are!!! - Shanel S.

Wow! Just WOW!! HKG really is the best topcoat! Evvveerrrr!!! I just did my nails. I applied one coat of HKG which took about 2 minutes. I told myself "just for fun", I am going to touch my pinky and see if it's dry, I literally said in my head "wtf!!" (I'm so sorry I just had to share this lol) it was dry!!!! I was so surprised! I didn't even have to use my fast dry spray. So I touched all my nails even the last nail I applied the top coat on. Wow! I don't see any thumbprints! Ahhh ! I will definitely purchase this again! I don't think I'll use any other topcoat, just HKG!!!

It’s official!!! I am in L O V E with HK Girl top coat!! It’s faster the Seche, super shiny, and it doesn’t smell as bad!! Thank you for introduce us cuz ;) ♥ – Josefina S.

HK Girl topcoat is phenomenal! Super quick drying and the best part is NO shrinkage!!! I can use this with every brand of polish I own and it works great. Thanks G & G for introducing me to this amazing product. By the way, G & G cherry lip balm is so yummy :) – Sara H.

This is the best top coat I have ever used! I am so difficult on my nails but they look newly polished with the help of this wonderful product! I don’t need anything else but this! – Mandy R.

I thought nothing could top Seche Vite, I was wrong. I LOVE THIS (HK GIRL) top coat! It's simply amazing. Dries very fast, very glossy, it even smoothes out nail polish mistakes as well! - Amanda S.

I swear by it (HK GIRL)...seriously it's the only thing I'll use...I wish I had a blog, I'd write you a fabulous review!! - Alischia T -Owner of Lacquerhead Polish

I also won a bottle of HK Girl Top Coat. Thank you so much for introducing me to this!!! I have always been a Seche Vite kind of girl but you’ve changed that! I’m amazed by how quickly it dries, the shine and how well a manicure lasts now! Simply amazing! -Lisa C.

Truly is! I’ve been a Seche girl for years because nothing was nearly as shiny & hard… until HK Girl. I’d been dreading reaching the bottom of my bottle of SV, but not anymore! HK Girl dries faster, is just as shiny and hard (if not harder! WHAT!), and never any drag! I hate having to put on another coat of polish because the top coat ruined it. Never again with this stuff. Best topcoat ever. – Joy B

This is truly the BEST top coat! For the first time in my life my polish lasted for 2 full weeks without chipping or that infamous wearing off on the tips. The shine is amazing!! This topcoat doesn’t only protect your polish, but it also intensifies the color like you wouldn’t believe!! If you want your nails looking like they were just done, GET THIS!! It’s a MUST HAVE!!! – Rachael N.

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and of course Glisten & Glow
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