G & G HK Girl - Fast Drying + Super Shiny Top Coat


G & G HK Girl is a Super Shiny, Fast Drying Top Coat

Top 10 Reason why Glisten & Glow HK Girl is so loved!

• Intense shine - crystal clear formula that applies smoothly, leaving a glass like appearance
• Fast drying – approx 1-2 minutes often less and your nails will be dry, as time passes it will dry more within 5 minutes or so it’s rock hard!
• Durable, long lasting nature – customers boast that manicures last 5-7 days with little to no tip wear or chips.
• Holographic polishes love it! – Holos will not dull, in fact they are even intensified
• Smoothes and seals glitter polishes – 1-2 coats and glitters are tamed/smooth and without jagged edges sticking up.
• Adds extra shine to all nail lacquer – it can make a matte polish or a textured polish shiny. Cremes, jellies, crellies, shimmers, metallics etc are all left with that glossy glass like shine
• No Shrinkage! – G & G HK Girl top coat doesn’t cause any shrinkage
• Can be used with nail lacquer that is tacky or dry
• Even consistency throughout the whole bottle – no extra thickness or gloppyness (evaporation of the solvents is always possible)
• Nail Art/Nail Stamping friendly – once nail art/stamping is nearly dry it won’t smear or smudge

*******All of our products are cruelty free******

(Top Coat Formula has slight variations in each batch, top coat can have a slight purple tint to it, this is the UV protection for non yellowing that varies from the manufacturer)

This Top Coat is 2 Free! (no formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin and no toluene, this product does contain Dibutyl Phthalate) Customers have the right to chose what products they use.

Product Ingredients are: Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, polyster resin, dibutyl phthalate, Bentone, Isopropyl Alcohol, camphor, octocrylene and isopropyl.

If it gets a little thick just add a few drops of nail polish thinner and shake well!

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