Glisten & Glow - CTRL-ALT-DEL Latex Barrier


Glisten & Glow - CTRL-ALT-DEL Latex Barrier

CTRL-ALT-DEL latex barrier (for your cuticles and skin) (moisturizing and scented in our most popular scent - Sangria White Peach)

Size - .50 oz/15ml

*CTRL-ALT-DEL contains latex, please do not use if you have any latex or rubber allergies*

Perfect for nail polish vixens that love stamping, nail art, protecting your cuticles from acetone or nail polish remover and easy clean up on manicures

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*this product can dry out if it is opened many times, and not shut quickly, try to add a bit of water and shake well, but latex does dry with in seconds in many cases. Shelf life is 3 months*