Glisten & Glow - Restore + Thin

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Glisten & Glow Restore + Thin

Size: 1 oz.
Beautiful blue glass container with and easy to use glass dropper inside!

Glisten & Glow Restore + Thin is a product that allows you to restore 2 of the main solvents in nail polish and one polymer ingredient that are already in nail polish. It allows you to control the consistency of your nail polish, top coats and base coats.
You can restore and thin any older or thicker polish to an easy to use formula. This is not just a nail polish thinner, this has that extra polymer that aids in the restorative ability!

All nail polishes, top coats and base coats over time will get thicker! It’s simply just the nature of these products.

💕Here the “WHY”
All that is happening when the polish is thickening is the solvents are evaporating. Keep a easy use dropper style application/bottle on Glisten & Glow Restore + Thin on hand for use for any and all polishes or nail care essentials. All that you are doing by adding this product to your polishes and top and base coats is merely adding back in the solvents/ingredients that evaporate on a daily basis. (Yes, this evening happens with the cap on)

How to use: add 2-3 drops of Glisten & Glow Restore + Thin to your desired lacquer. Shake and roll between your palms for a few minutes. Next, check the consistency on a rest nail, add additional drops if desired and repeat the above steps until you have reached your desired consistency. Allow the polish to sit for 5 mins before full application use. Any air bubbles will disappear during this time.

*please be aware that adding Glisten & Glow Restore + Thin should be done in small increments to start, go slowly when adding the drops and allow the ingredients to re distribute within the polish. Also adding it to polishes that contain glitter or flakes can cause the suspension properties of the nail polish base to be less suspensive in nature and cause those special effects to sink to the bottom of the bottle.*

Size: 1 oz.

Ingredients- ethyl acetate, butyl acetate and cellulose nitrate
5 free product, Made in house by Glisten & Glow’s 24+ year Licensed Nail Tech veteran and owner.

Please remove the black protective seal around the area where the neck of the bottle is located