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Premium Rounded Tip Flat Nail Polish Brush/Replacement Brushes and Caps

$0.25 - $0.55
 Premium Rounded Tip Flat Nail Polish Brush/Replacement Brushes and Caps

This Listing is for premium (paddle/fan) brushes, premium brushes with caps, standard brushes and caps

Please select from the drop-down menu for your selections of the following:

Premium Brushes (paddle/fan style)
Premium Brushes + Caps
Standard Brushes (Narrow with a straight edge style)
Caps (standard size in the shiny black finish)

Please see the listing photo for visuals

**We can NOT ship any product (s) or brush (es) within the USA and Internationally safely and securely without damage for less than $4.25 as a base price as that is the lowest cost per USPS for a padded/bubble packaging. ** You can order another product from our store and any brush thereafter is purchased is (.20 or .25 cents for all international addresses) in shipping

Please note:
*Premium brushes will not work with the following polishes - ATV in Aruba, Bungee Jump in The Bahamas, Parasail in Puerto Rico, and Snorkel in St. Thomas and a few of our older polishes* These polishes are in a different style bottle and neck size that varies ever so slightly; however it will not fit in those particular polishes.* For some of our older polishes these brushes also might not fit, just a heads up. ****

These brushes and caps are used with Glisten & Glow polishes and products only, we cannot guarantee that they will work with any other bottle or brand.

How to change from the standard brush to the premium brush.

Open the Glisten & Glow nail polishes bottle, wipe excess polish off the bristles of the brush on the edges of the bottle. Take a paper towel and grasp the brushes stem and pull the brush away from the cap. Now place the new premium brush inside the nail polish bottle and put the cap back on twisting tightly. The pressure of you putting the cap on joins the brush and the cap together.
(If it is not joining, try again, if it doesn’t work then your bottle is not compatible with the new premium brushes, see above for details what possible polishes will not working with them.)

Larissa from @polish.lab.rat did a how-to video with lots of info also.

* We do reserve the right to cancel any order at any time*
Shipping charges also include our processing and handling fees associated with the extra time, manual processing and extra material and packaging needed to get them to you safely.