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Glisten & Glow Top Coat (clear, shiny and fast drying)

Glisten & Glow Top Coat (clear, shiny and fast drying)

Glisten & Glow Top Coat

What does it do: it's clear, shiny and fast drying!

Tips & Tricks

Achieve intense shine with this crystal clear formula, by allowing all layers of polish to dry below the top coat.

2-4 minutes or less and your nails will be dry, durable, long lasting with days of no tip wear, chipping!

Apply Glisten & Glow top coat in a thin layer floating it over the top of the polish below, go back in with a 2nd coat to smooth and seal glitter or textured polishes.

Protect your nail art/stamping/watermarbles with Glisten & Glow top coat, allow all that beauty below to dry and then float on top a nice bead of top coat.

Seal the tips, side walls and just past the colored polish line near your cuticle to prevent any shrinkage.

Want to intensify your holographic polishes? Add a coat of Glisten & Glow top coat!

Glisten & Glow top coat has an even consistency throughout the whole bottle, but if yours does get a little thick or gloppy just add a few drops of nail polish thinner and roll between your hands.
Don't worry it's just restoring some of the solvents that are already in it, that have evaporated since its been opened.

Glisten & Glow Top Coat is a 2 free product. It does NOT contain DBP, Camphor, formaldehyde, or formaldehyde resin. It does contain Toulene.

Top Coat ingredients are: Butyl Acetate, toluene, ethyl acetate, alcohol, acrylate co polymer, butyl bezyl, phthalate, nitrocellulose, and benzophenone

Shop Update - 8/14/17

7.5 Years ago Glisten & Glow LLC was, how time flies!
So now it's time for a...Refresh & Simplify approach!
We hope you will enjoy these changes!

Glisten & Glow is in the process of making some awesome upgrades to our website, creating consistent branding and packaging for all products across the board. Even more fun, we are adding Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat (as of 8/15/17) and Glisten & Glow Clear Water Marble Polish (release 8/31/17) and 2 new Hand + Cuticle Care products over the next few months!

These changes will streamline the in house methods and procedures, improve processing/shipping times for you and allow us to create more great products for you!
We are excited to be implementing this streamlined production process for labels, formats and "names".
Simply put, products won't have "names" anymore
We will call products what they are and describe what they will do for you!

Inside the bottles/packaging are the same great products you love, they are just getting a "facelift" aka a refresh. Sporting a consistent front label to match our nail lacquer and a descriptive bottom label, out with the old and in with the new!

To simplify or "rename"
Our "HK Girl" top coat will now be called Glisten & Glow Top Coat
Our "Stuck on Blu!" base coat will now be called Glisten & Glow Base Coat
Our Matte Top coat will remain as Glisten & Glow Matte Top Coat
We have also discontinued our Glis-tics Roller Ball Cuticle Oil, we will be launching a new
Cuticle Oil Pen, that comes in a click pen with brush tip applicator. (Release 8/31/17)
Our Nail Lacquer will still have unique names for each color, this will not change!
Same amazing products just refreshed & simplified

As always thank you for your love and support!